Ultrasound (US) technologies have attracted much attention due to unique properties of specific disease-targeting US imaging and US-triggered gene and drug delivery system in treatment. The US-induced biological effect, known as sonoporation, has long been exploited to facilitate drug and gene delivery by improving cell membrane permeability. With judicious application of US energy, the effects of sonoporation can be spatially and temporally controlled to enhance drug delivery for non-invasive treatment, deserving full credit as an effective means to transfer therapeutic agents.
Sonovitro® FUAuto Ultrasound Transfection System
Sonovitro® is an integrated system designed for ultrasonic delivery in-vitro experiments. It offers an easy-to-operate sonoporation platform for targeted delivery in vitro. It is an optimized solution for researchers to carry out enhanced and standardized ultrasound mediated and gene transfection experiments.